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If you are an adult instrumental musician with the time and interest in joining one of the premier community bands in the North Denver Metro area, the Thornton Community Band is where you need to be! Traditionally our band’s season runs from the second Thursday in September to July 4th but we are on more of a flexible schedule in that we play when COVID restrictions allow for us to meet. We hope to return to our traditional schedule the fall of 2021.

We also love to have students play with us and have a limited number of spots available for high school and college musicians to participate in the band as well!

We currently have openings in the following sections:

  • French Horn
  • String Bass (Double Bass)
  • Tuba
  • Percussion (General)
    • Drum Set
    • Mallets
    • Tympani

If your section is not listed above, don’t despair! Openings appear all the time. If a section is filled to capacity, applicants to these sections may be placed on a waiting list until an opening is available.

Apply here

We are happy to help and answer any questions you may have about the band so please feel free to email us! We strive to reply within 48 hours.


TCB rehearsals are continuing to be held on Thursday evenings from 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM and different locations around the city of Thornton are being utilized to comply with COVID restrictions.

**There are some practice/performance venues that require us to bring our own stands. Please ensure you have your own music stand ready to go!

Membership details

Full details of membership may be found in the TCB Member Handbook.

Additional documents that we encourage our members to be aware of:

Joining the band FAQ:

I do not live in Thornton, am I still able to join the group?

All musicians, no matter where you reside, are welcome to join our band! Our current members live throughout the greater Denver metro area.

Will I be required to pay a membership fee?

An annual membership fee of $85 is required from all active musicians of the organization to help offset operating expenses. The annual membership fee is waived for full-time University students and high school students.

This dues fee can be prorated out if the applicants apply after the first concert cycle in the fall.

Does TCB have percussion equipment and a library of music?

We currently utilize percussion that is owned by our band members and are looking at starting to purchase our own pit set up.

**Percussionists: If you do have your own percussion equipment, feel free to bring it if you so choose.

We have many music library resources at our disposal and are always acquiring new music for our library.