Conductor Search

The Thornton Community Band is currently undergoing a search to fill the position of Music Director/Principal Conductor to lead the band at the start of the 2020 season and beyond!

Thank you to all who have applied to this position!

The Musical Director/Conductor Search committee has now chosen the top three finalists for the position of Music Director. The candidates will be each be conducting a piece with the band at the Winter Concert on February 29, 2020. Come see who the finalists are! (Last updated December 31, 2019)

Timeline of events (Subject to change):

July-September 30th – TCB starts advertising officially for new MD-C.

October- Sort through Applicants. Top are chosen. Interviews. Committee meets to discuss applicants and to develop audition criteria.

November – Top three applicants are chosen and notified.

December – Music will be distributed for the Winter Cycle to top three.

January 2020 Top three applicants will be given time in Winter Cycle to work up piece to be presented at Winter Cycle concert on February 29, 2020.

February 29th Winter concert will be when we have final audition.

March/April Recommendation made to board for candidate

May New MD-C will be included in concert and be introduced to the audience.

September New MD-C will start officially the start of the 2020-21 season!

What this role entails: This individual will be responsible for selecting music, conducting the band, and developing the overall musical quality of the group. For further job duties and descriptions, please see the TCB Bylaws, Article 4, available for download at

(For further reading material, please also check out our band handbook and code of conduct found at the same URL!)

Finalists for the position will be selected and notified by November 30, 2019, with the expectation that they will each conduct an audition piece of their choosing that will relate to the theme of the TCB Winter Concert on February 29, 2020. The final decision of Music Director/Conductor will be announced prior to the Spring concert, May 2020.

The position will officially start on September 1, 2020. Financial compensation will be $500 per month.

Time commitment: TCB rehearses at Adams City High School, Commerce City, on Thursdays from 7 to 9 PM, early September through July 4th. The band performs four major concerts per year, with additional minor concerts spread throughout. The time commitment for each concert is approximately 3.5 hours, usually on a Saturday evening. There are also occasional opportunities for the band, or small groups from the band, to play at paid performances.

A highly-qualified candidate for TCB Music Director/Conductor should have:

  • formal education in, and experience with, instrumental music and conducting
  • strong leadership qualities
    • ability to promote a positive band atmosphere
    • capacity to encourage musical growth and enrichment of the band
    • ability to assist with resolving conflicts within the band
  • good communication skills
  • the ability to be able to give direction and relate to band members of all ages and experience levels
  • the ability to engage with and relate to the audience
  • strong musicality
    • substantial knowledge of band literature
    • ability to explain to the band what is wanted out of the music that is selected
  • professionalism
    • accountability on following through with what is expected of the band
    • excellent time management skills
    • punctuality
    • proper preparation for rehearsals
    • weekly time commitment
    • being a team player
      • the ability to work well with assistant and guest conductors, Board of Directors, committee members, and band members
  • a commitment to providing enjoyable and quality TCB concerts and band experience!
  • a sense of humor and willingness to have fun!

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